Glass Safety and Protection


Quite rightly there are more stringent requirements these days for safety and thermal efficiency in architectural glass. These are covered by government Buildings Regulations Approved Documents N and L.

We provide toughened, laminated or encapsulated decorative glass panels to ensure safety in critical locations.  Most traditional leaded lights are exempt from this requirement, but nevertheless, these measures are often desirable as they also protect the panel itself.  For larger installations typically in public buildings, we can install separate external screens made of coated steel mesh, polycarbonate (coated or uncoated) or safety glass.

For improved energy efficiency within the building we can provide new-build stained glass already encapsulated within triple-glazed units to your specification, or modify and encapsulate existing leaded lights.   Various options are available to improve the insulation properties of these units.

For interior glass such as back-splashes and wall-mounted lighting, we can use flexible coatings and adhesive films to improve safety.

Outdoor and sandblasted glass can be protected using specialist varnishes and nano-coatings, please contact us if you require more information