Stained Glass


If you ask most people to describe their understanding of stained glass, they use terms such as “church windows” or “victorian front doors”.    There is so much more to it than that, though! It’s just that no-one has come up with a good term yet for the many other types of decorative architectural glass that can be made, therefore “stained glass” tends to stick.  Most coloured glass is bought ready-made or its appearance changed by printing, painting or fusing.   

So, if you can think of a short, snappy replacement for the term “stained glass” we’d love to hear it!


These days newly-designed stained glass is often made up of single large panes of glass decorated by printing, etching, painting, bonding or fusing of coloured elements to plain window glass (float glass).  A more subtle artistic intervention can also be achieved by etching a frosted design across float glass, from simple lettering to complex 3D effects. The new panels can be laminated or toughened to meet current buildings regulations.


For smaller windows we might use a combination of old and new techniques, for example printed or fused elements assembled using lead channels.


Decorative glass adds a new dimension to our architectural spaces, uniquely enhancing a living or working environment. It not only provides an enduring way of enriching the fabric of a building but can also be used to commemorate an event or person, to express an idea or to provide information. It can be used to obscure and distort an unwanted exterior view, to provide privacy, or to change the quality of light entering the room. Coloured glass will cast a shifting kaleidoscope across a room whereas a shallow relief pattern in clear glass can add a refractive dimension to a window, giving a subtle, glowing effect.

Each project is different and requires a flexible approach to ensure the right style, creative technique and materials are used to achieve the desired result.  We are happy to provide traditional or contemporary style stained glass.  Contact us to discuss your ideas and we will let you know the options available to keep within your budget.